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SCC touches the lives of thousands of people every year. 
Here are the stories of just some of them.

Students & Alumni

Profile photo of Richard Shinall

Richard Shinall | Don Schumacher Racing Technician

I was laid off from a job and decided to go back to school. I've always wanted to work for a racing company so I went to SCC and earned my AAS in auto-tech. After graduating from SCC, I got my dream job with Don Schumacher Racing. I took my classes at SCC very seriously. I want to give a shout out to my instructors at SCC. They were very patient and helped me work through the material until I understood it.

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Profile photo of Jimmy Wilson

Jimmy Wilson | Industrial Maintenance Technology AAS

The former company I worked for relocated. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until found out about the IMT Industrial Maintenance Technology program in Keokuk. It was close, it was convenient, and I knew it would be better for me and my daughter. Going to SCC gave me the education I needed to land a job at Burrows in Fort Madison.

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Mike Shinn | SCC Alum, Market President, Mid West One Bank

I grew up in Burlington and went to SCC after graduating from high school. Although I initially wanted to go away to school, I'm very glad I chose SCC. Staying in Burlington allowed me to work at the bank and complete my Associate's degree at the same time. By attending SCC, I was able to pay for my classes as I went and graduated without any student debt. The coursework at SCC definitely prepared me for the next level of my education as I continued on to a four-year institution. I believe SCC is a great stepping stone and gives students the opportunity to explore different career options.

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Faculty & Staff

Profile photo of Carl  Snipes

Carl Snipes | SCC Chemistry Instructor

I started at a community college before earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi. I furthered my education at Ole Miss and earned my Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering which helped me land a job as a chemical engineer for the International Paper Company.

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Profile photo of Jodi Cook

Jodi Cook | SCC English and Drama Instructor

Before I started taking classes at SCC, I spent years working in retail. I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore and so I kept reaching for something to do. I decided to enroll at SCC, and when my English instructor asked me what I wanted to do after SCC and I told him that I wanted his job. Six years later, I got it.

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Profile photo of Jenny Steffensmeier

Jenny Steffensmeier | Owner, Steffensmeier Welding

When I took over my late husband's business I knew that we weren't being efficient and that we were losing money. We started working with SCC's Center for Business in 2014 to incorporate LEAN training and that has made a huge impact across the company. The LEAN program has taught us to be more efficient and save us time and money. SCC staff worked with us not only on the training but even funding so that we could afford the training. But honestly, the benefits far exceed the costs. LEAN is a journey that I'm glad we started and I really look forward to continuing.

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Profile photo of Greg Smith

Greg Smith | Principal, Fort Madison High School

From the time I went to SCC in 1985 to my job as principal, I know that SCC is a vital part of our community. SCC made a huge impact in my life back then and now it makes a huge impact in the lives of my students today.

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Profile photo of Lois Roth

Lois Roth | Business & Accounting Instructor, Danville High School

Our high school works a lot with SCC faculty and staff, and so we see first-hand the positive impact SCC has on our students and graduates. If you have a goal to work in a career that requires less than a four-year degree, why would you want to go to school for at least two more years, spending tens of thousands of dollars more for something you don’t need? If you have the option to attend a college of equal value and quality – and SCC certainly fits that bill – there’s no reason to not choose the less expensive option.

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